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Human Emulator

Automation — is a mandatory member of successful business.

Daily you face in about tens tasks which are taking away your time.

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Submission of declarations

Adding of declarations and descriptions of goods on bulletin boards, forums, sites. With Human Emulator thousands of declarations take place daily on the Internet.

Filling of forms

With Human Emulator you will cease to waste time filling of forms on the state and private resources (crediting, banking, declarations, design of visas, etc.)

Data collection

Collection and sorting of statistics and data, report generation (the prices, analytics, keywords, etc.) Automatic data acquisition with possibility of saving in several formats.

Social networks

Drawing attention to business through social networks takes away a lot of time? Automation of any actions on social networks with Human Emulator will release you from routine forever.

Site indexes

Operation on increase in attendance of a site - the real headache. Human Emulator will help to place backlinks at the most difficult sites on the structure and to increase influx of visitors.

Sites testing

Quickly growing sites acquire thousand links, the menu and other elements. Use Human Emulator to hold the general testing and stress tests of sites, and as detection of "bugs" with report generation.

Allow Human Emulator to work for you today!

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Interface Numbering of links at web page Web page appearence viewing setup
Numbering of links at web page
Web page appearence
viewing setup
Form filling Web page DOM model Javascript viewing at web page
Form filling
Web page DOM model
Javascript viewing
at web page

Human Emulator for nonpro

Human Emulator – simple and surprisingly powerful tool of browser automation.

More than ten years our team is engaged in business automation of different complexity processes. The Human Emulator program became result of the got experience in case of creation business decisions. Forces of the program automate any processes from relocation of mouse and filling of fields, before completely independent operation with different data. If you look how to automate routine actions taking away your time day by day, you found it — Human Emulator!

Basic functionality of the program

Human Emulator — the ideal solution of automation.

The program functionality is available for everyone.

Easy to use

Despite the huge potential of the program from the user it isn't required profound knowledge of a programming. Operation on operation simplification with the program is daily carried.

Friendly interface

Human Emulator successfully is on sale more than five years. Developers of the program considered any wishes of all users on operation with the program. It simple to use.

Flexible automation

Using Human Emulator you are restricted only to needs, instead of the set frames by developers. Construction of the program is flexible and unique that allowed to refuse use of macroses.

Huge performance

The program regularly passes test and code optimization that allows to improve fail safety and program runtime speed.The program is created in language C ++ and with us skilled developers of the international level work.

Fast ROI

Speed of a program runtime is much higher than the speed of operations by person. Moreover, the program doesn't distract, doesn't leave a workplace and works round the clock. On one workplace the program performs operation of tens people!

Polite support

In case of origin any technical issues you can always address in Human Emulator support. Find any help with the solution of your questions, and if necessary will show as well what to do through Team Viewer. Recieve good advice from best specialists!

Human Emulator — will execute any routine with a tens people speed!

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Human Emulator for professionals

Human Emulator — the leader of sales among automation tools.

Pride of our development department — Human Emulator — is the system personifying all advanced technologies of automation routine operations. Functions of multithreading and fail safety allow to create on the basis of Human Emulator system automation business of any complexity. Tens online services work at basis of Human Emulator. Thousand bases and information services are collected by means of Human Emulator. Stop to spend the precious time already today! Enter club of successful people together with Human Emulator!

Advanced functionality of the program

Thousands people around the world trusts to Human Emulator.

The functionality of the program allows to automate the most complex tasks.

Operation with files

To save on the computer or to load on the server - you will forget that it needs to be done by the hands.

Control of attributes

Any attributes of elements of the page can be changed, added or deleted. Quickly, simply, conveniently!

DOM model

Control of the browser through DOM model, or by means of Javascript on your choice.


Operation with http, https of a proxy, Socks 4, 4/5, 5 of the version is supported; useragent substitution; cookies cleaning (including Flash of cookies), etc.

Remote control

The Human Emulator program can be installed on the server and far off to cause start of scripts. The program accepts on an input a row of commands.

Operation with FTP

The functionality of Human Emulator allows to automate uploading and downloading files through FTP as through the site menu, and through built in functionality.


For each flow all parameters of the browser (cookie, a cache, a proxy, useragent, the zoom, the window sizes, etc.) will be individual. Tens tasks are at the same time executed on one workplace!


Operation with databases is set up in the program. To save assembled information, or form filling at the sites with information from a database - all this minute matter in Human Emulator. Fast and safe!

Flexibility of PHP

In addition to own automation in Human Emulator all functionality of the PHP programming language that will allow you to create algorithms with the most difficult logic is supported.

Human Emulator — the generalpurpose tool of business automation.

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